Beyond Kitty Bar
This bar was formulated for after waxing. This bar includes Goat milk, sunflower oil, Shea Butter, mango butter, lemongrass, Teatree, Aloe Vera and lavender. This bar is great for moisturizing, dry and acne skin and Ingrowns. This bar great source...
Beyond Light Body Scrub
Our Foaming body scrubs speak for themselves. Soothes skin with a luxurious, rich lather, while naturally exfoliating. With Sunflower Oil and Vitmain E nourishes and protect skin, leaving it soft and smooth. Shop Body Foaming Scrubs for silky skin. Licorice...
Beyond Smooth
Are you tired of Ingrowns and dark spots? To enhance the natural beauty of your skin you will see better results by adding the amazing exfoliating face lotion. How it works: Lactic Acid exfoliates skin and is more gentle than other...
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